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The best Test Booster Muscle Candy contains the new ingredient Blamus which is know to increase athletic performance an free testosterone levels. The Unique Pathophysiology of Natural Blamus has diversified health benefits especially in promoting endurance, vigor and vitality, as well as to promote healthy free testosterone levels. It has also been found to support healthy athletic performance, as well as balanced energy and mood. Curculigosides work synergize with body’s immune system, optimally balancing body’s hormonal, circulatory and cardiovascular physico chemical performance. Independent University Research studies have demonstrated Blamus™ caused remarkable in serum free testosterone levels (Table 1). Table 1: Effect of test compound on serum total testosterone and free testosterone levels 10 mg/kg: Test compound 10mg/ml; oral gavage; 25 mg/kg: Test compound 25 mg/ml; oral gavage; 50 mg/kg: Test compound 50 mg/ml; oral gavage.